The disciplines of tourism and traveling have been rapidly changing over the last decade. Where traditional tourists have tended to focus on attractions, travelers now seek more authentic experiences by steeping themselves in the local culture. They view traveling as a chance for growth, improvement and self-reflection. This new era of tourism is characterized by personalization, flexibility, authenticity and participation.

The rapid spread of COVID-19 shows how incredibly connected the modern world is. While this proves how dangerous this connectedness could potentially be, people will not be deterred from traveling once the outbreak is tamed. As travelers exercise a new level of cautious human interaction, there will be a significant change of attitude while abroad. The necessity for a tool that creates frictionless integration into a city’s ecosystem without compromising health and safety is paramount.

By introducing a platform that migrates interactions into a digital experience, the modern traveler will be able to safely embrace the experiences they crave in a reserved, yet social way. Be a part of the changing face of travel and say helloRoamy.


Concept designer/Founder (Ideation, Field Research)
UX/UI Designer (Wireframes, User Testing, Complete Interface and Prototype)

Brand Strategist (Creative Research, 4Cs Strategy, Business Model)
Graphic Designer (Brand Identity, Standards, Promotional Assets)